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Venues and speakers are all subject to change without notice. R.O.A.R

Some of our monthly speakers coming in 2018 . . .


You must reserve your place(s) for the events by email click here or phone 01622 820841



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Maidstone Business Networking: dates, events and venues

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12 September

How to get the right video made

Chris Newberry Wildwood Media

November 2018

Legal Support Services

Anna Jordan URBS Process Serving


  "The Lean Agile Mindset"

A way of working that benefits organisations regardless of size as it speeds responsiveness to market forces.

6:10pm 14 August at Marden Village Club TN12 9DT

Mary Laniyan is an Enterprise Transformation Coach with a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) certification. She is a passionate Agilist and an entrepreneur with over 21 years work experience in Technology and Organisation Development.

Embracing Agility | The lean–Agile Mindset

Darwin’s theory of evolution (it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change) was powerful and compelling, not only for the natural world but impacted our lives and the business world.

With change being the only constant, Innovation is critical to the survival of any business today, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to major corporations. In order for businesses to respond speedily to changing consumer behaviour in the face of technological change, they will have to change how they have worked traditionally and embrace the Agile way of working and Lean thinking.

Jason Furman, a Harvard Professor said it perfectly: “Work has a future. No one knows what it is. Whatever it is, education will help”.


16 October

Helping Business

Neil McClean Information Services Librarian Kent County Council Information Services



Police and Kent Business

Matthew Scott Kent Police & Crime Commissioner



Kent Police

Alan Dann Project Manager

ZC Social Media

Zoe Cairns

International Social Media Specialist

At Maidstone Business Networking seats are reserved for specific people who book to attend. Please be in attendance by 6.10pm (at some venues you cannot get access after that time), we start with a speaker for about a 20 to 30 minutes, someone with something to say that everyone should have the opportunity to hear. You get a chance to tell everyone who you are (if you want to) followed by an hour or more of networking and the event finishes around 8.30pm. The events will be on different days of the month, in different parts of the borough of Maidstone. They will have one thing in common, they will be informative, interesting with plenty of time for actual networking. And as there is no meal involved membership is not very costly. You also get to meet anyone and not just the two people you sit next to.

We include searchable lists on this website so you will have a presence on the internet even if you don't have a website. See our new idea on the home page for you to have a website page (or two or more) without paying for a full website.

Your first meeting is free even if you do not join. You can even attend as a non member after that at each meeting for £15pp, but it is not the best deal and you don't get listed on our website! Full membership for a sole trader is only £75 pa and only £95 for a life partner to attend with you or if you employ from 2 to 9 people in your company. It is all about flexibility and value for money. See our rules page. Membership is open to start ups and new as well as established businesses, large or small.

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