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Est: 30 June '17

A series of changes in the Maidstone area made it obvious that a bigger and better networking group could produce more benefits, more easily for a larger audience. Maidstone Business Networking brings easy, simple, friendly networking to the businesses in all Maidstone areas, helping to support the rural economy, all types of businesses and all sizes. Whether self employed, working from home or employing lots of people, this new organisation is made for you. Ideal for new or established businesses, the networking itself is flexible but designed to get everyone (of all ages) together for business networking; to find new customers and new suppliers. Even helping you to set up a new idea you've got for your brand new business - help is at hand.

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Welcome to business networking for the borough of Maidstone . . .

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At Maidstone Business Networking seats are reserved for specific people who book to attend. Please arrive at 6.15pm, we start with a speaker for about a 20 to 30 minutes, someone with something to say that everyone should have the opportunity to hear. You get a chance to tell everyone who you are (if you want to) followed by an hour of networking and the event finishes around 8.30pm. The events will be on different days of the month, in different parts of the borough of Maidstone. They will have one thing in common, they will be informative, interesting with plenty of time for actual networking. And as there is no meal involved they are not very costly. We include searchable lists on this website so you will have a presence on the internet even if you don't have a website. Full membership for a sole trader is only £75 pa - you can even attend each meeting for £15pp, but it is not the best deal! See our rules page. Membership is open to start ups and new as well as established businesses, large or small, from across the whole Maidstone borough area. No restriction on size or groups of multiple operations.

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